Dr. Frank Tay Explains
How Cavity Cleanser Works

How Does It Work?

Key Findings:

1) Pierces cell membrane to lyse microbes

2) Reduces sensitivity

3) Precipitates and penetrates dentinal tubules to address microbes and allow for successful bonding to restorative materials

This video highlights Dr. Frank Tay’s key insights regarding FiteBac’s molecular structure and unique ability to penetrate and remain present in dentinal tubules.

    Published Research:

    Cavity Cleanser
    Bond Strength Testing

    How does it work: ingredients and prezi

    Is it safe? FDA cleared 510K

    How do I use it? Bullets of procedure, IFU, and application

    demo videos  (slider) if gui works

    Value? reimbursable via ADA code D1355. Patients know they’re getting lasting help and benefits. Increased loyalty. Applications are reimbursable via ADA code D1355.

    Tay’s paper and lecture


    Mention all K18 and K21 papers (research paper embed page)

    Key Findings

    • One
    • Two
    • Three

    May 2019

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