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FiteBac® Dental offers the latest technology in dentistry that addresses microbial contamination, the underlying cause of most dental diseases.

Based on the groundbreaking research by Dr Franklin Tay, combined with the efforts of over 30 international researchers, the next generation of antimicrobial dental products from FiteBac® represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of dental disease.

Protect Your Patients With FiteBac.

FiteBac Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser is an FDA-cleared dental cavity cleanser designed to help clear restoration sites of carious debris. It also helps reduce the presence of dentally relevant microbes like bacteria and fungi which may lead to restoration failure over time.

Peer-reviewed, published literature has shown that FiteBac Technology helps stabilize collagen fibers by reducing the effect of natural enzymes like matrix metallopeptidases and cathepsins1.

1) Quaternary Ammonium Silane-Based Antibacterial and Anti-Proteolytic Cavity Cleanser.
Ya-ping Gou, Ji-yao Li Mohamed M. Meghil, Christopher W. Cutler, Hockin H.K. Xu, Franklin R. Tay, Li-na Niu.
Dental Materials. 2018. 34: 1814-1827.

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