The Future of Dentistry is Antimicrobial.

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Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser

The Problem:

Dental restorations may only last a few years due to bacteria accumulating beneath the restoration, resulting in additional decay.

Bacteria can often be left behind during the restoration process or it can penetrate gaps in restoration materials over time.

These microbes can form biofilms which can build up and cause additional damage to the tooth structure around and beneath the restoration.

The Solution:

FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser

Dental cavity cleanser designed to help clear restoration sites of carious debris and help reduce the presence of dentally relevant microbes like bacteria, and fungi which may lead to restoration failure over time.

FDA-cleared product with peer-reviewed, published studies on effectiveness.

Literature supports its ability to help stabilize collagen fibers by reducing the effect of natural enzymes like matrix metallopeptidases and cathepsins.

Penetrates exposed dentinal tubules, allowing for stronger restoration adhesion.