The New Standard of Dental Care

Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser

FiteBac® technology exemplifies the marriage of antimicrobial technology to material science, enabling the manufacture of modern materials offering sustained, non-leaching antimicrobial protection across a broad range of products.

FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser represents the 1st FDA cleared antimicrobial cavity cleanser. By utilizing a targeted approach to address local microbial issues, dental products incorporating FiteBac® technology have the potential to address local microbial issues within the oral cavity while minimizing potential negative impacts on the oral microbiome, a key component to good overall health.

FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser, with 2% K21, is intended to become part of the restoration/dentin interface by copolymerizing with the dental adhesive.

Research shows FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser can not only help remove debris in carious lesion preparations, but also help reduce the presence of dentally relevant organisms within the prepared tooth structure and also penetrate exposed dentin tubules allowing restorative adhesives to tightly bind to the prepared dentin surface.

FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser is the first in a planned line of targeted antimicrobial and/or biofilm reducing dental products under development at Largent Health, we aim to provide new tools for the dental professional to specifically target microbial issues and their complications within the oral cavity.

FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser offers the dental professional a differentiated product which, besides helping to ensure the restoration site is clear of carious debris, allows them to directly address residual microbial contamination within the prepared tooth structure.

The Future of Dentistry

FiteBac®, the marriage of antimicrobial technology and material science, allows for the manufacture of modern dental materials with sustained antimicrobial protection.

FiteBac® Dental, LLC has the exclusive world
wide rights to develop and commercialize antimicrobial dental products using
FiteBac® technology.

FiteBac® represents an inflection point in dental materials, offering antimicrobial benefits for the dentist and patient. FiteBac® has “built-in authority“ supported by peer reviewed publications and regulatory clearance.