A Letter From Our President

Dear Dental Manufacturers and Distributors,

We at FiteBac hope you had a fantastic IDS!

Our team enjoyed meeting many passionate people developing innovative products for dentistry.

FiteBac’s antimicrobial additives are readily available in industry standard forms and prepared to be easily added into your existing formulations.

Our technology is patented, proven, and present in multiple FDA-cleared devices.

Please view our Product Catalog here:


We want to form additional partnerships with manufacturers who want to develop antimicrobial:

– adhesives

– composites

– cements

– sealers

– dentures

– retainers

– 3D resin systems


Partner, profit and differentiate your product lines for future growth.

The addition of FiteBac’s additives will provide antimicrobial effectiveness as well as enhanced desirable properties of your materials which will considerably differentiate your products.

The future of dentistry is antimicrobial and we want this new standard of care to be powered by FiteBac.


Ok, I’m in. What do we do next?

FiteBac will help you every step of the way.

We will provide manufacturers access to the FiteBac Technology FDA Master File for our two leading molecules, K18 QAMS and K21 QAS. 

This information contains all published FiteBac Technology research, technical specifications, biocompatibility studies, and formulations.

FiteBac Dental resources can assist with:

– Regulatory Processes

– Biocompatibility Studies

– Mechanical Testing

– Formulation Development

– Antimicrobial Testing

– Shelf Life Studies

– Marketing Assets and FiteBac’s direct-to-consumer marketing campaign. This is just one of the many videos we’ll be rolling out nationwide:

Please use the form below to send us your contact information and proposals.

We also have our mutual NDA available for online review and digital completion here:


Our patients and customers deserve the best. Let’s work together to give it to them!

Thank you,

Kirk Kimmerling, DDS