I have been using FiteBac for about 4 years now. I LOVE it! I apply it at the beginning of my work day and then again after lunch. During the winter it keeps my hands moisturized and protected from cracking. This product really gives me a piece of mind knowing that my...

Kathy Riley

I gave a tube to a friend with skin problems in her foot. For over 2 years she has tried everything and after just a very short period of time, my friend’s foot is back to normal. She was skeptical when I gave it to her but she is now a true believer. Kathy...

Sally Clark

This product is fantastic! Not greasy and no strong scent. Leaves skin feeling soft and clean. Sally ClarkNew Patient Coordinator


As soon as I used this the first time I knew it was different from anything I had previously used. It stays silky even after washing your hands. Use it in the morning and still feel it at night. Now I use it on my feet also. Completely changed my skin from rough and...


FiteBac is very comfortable when using latex/nitrite gloves. It goes on easily; goes a long way and is not at all greasy R.M.

Nancy B

As a nurse, I can assure you… FiteBac Skincare Hand Softening Gel really works. Nancy BNurse